Ivy League Lacrosse Camps: Comparison of Showcases

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Ivy League lacrosse camps offer tried and tested train first opportunities to players across the country. In these events, prospective students get opportunities to highlight their skills in front of experienced coaches and recruiters. However, only the absolute best athletes can qualify to take part in these events. With coaches looking for fast, strong, and natural lacrosse players, advanced skills and qualities are required to participate.

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Activities at these East Coast lacrosse camps are designed to help players improve their smarts, skills, toughness, and athleticism using individual or group showcases. Given that, a stringent set of standards is applied for admission. This year several lacrosse showcase events are scheduled in the lacrosse recruitment calendar. These events target uncommitted student-athletes – both boys and girls – hoping to participate in college lacrosse.


Read on to find out more about the available lacrosse recruiting camps on the East Coast


Brown Bear Lacrosse Camp


At Brown University, prospective aspirants have access to different training, practice, and competition facilities. This lacrosse camp accepts both boys and girl applicants. Enrollees include the graduating classes of 2019 to 2023. Charges for participating at Brown’s lacrosse camp are pegged at $650 for residents and at $495 for nonresident players. This year’s event will take place on July 18-20 for three days.


Brown bear’s lacrosse camp attracts outstanding lacrosse players from all over the country. For this reason, competition for places is high. Its program offers prospects a comprehensive overview of its college lacrosse program. Given that, it’s a unique opportunity for acquainting oneself with Brown University’s lacrosse coaching staff. However, you must bring your own lacrosse kit.


Columbia Lions Lacrosse Camp


Columbia’s Lion’s lacrosse camp consists of a six-hour showcase that trains applicants on defensive and dodging tactics. This year’s event will be held on the 28th of January targeting year 2019 to 2021 high school graduates. Candidates are expected to pay a price of $120. If you need an assessment of your suitability there is an extra $30 fee for evaluation.


The event takes place at the Baker Athletics Complex, the main facility for all of Columbia’s athletic events. In this lacrosse recruiting camp, players have access to the university’s highly experienced and NCAA certified coaching staff for instruction. However, registration of players is capped at 100 campers on a first come first served basis. For registration, one is required to fill out two forms: one for the physical examination and another for the asthma assessment. Participating teams are expected to field a team of 5 players with 1 sub registered individually or as a group. All players are required to bring own playing equipment as well as a club or HS pinni.




Cornell Lacrosse Showcase


This lacrosse showcase replicates the training conditions found at advanced lacrosse training centers. Players participate in full games with sessions taking place at Cornell’s McGovern complex. Amenities found here include an athletic training facility, locker rooms, two natural fields, and lighting. Training sessions are overseen by Cornell’s lacrosse coaching team that offers prospects an inside look at its college lacrosse experience.


Cornell’s lacrosse camp accepts applications from both boys and girls in high school. Registration takes place at the school’s Bartels Hall from 9:30 with camp activities being held at its Ramin Room. Participants engage in activities such as lacrosse drills and skills development under the oversight of Cornell’s lacrosse coaching staff as well as advanced players. However, campers are expected to bring their own kit and lunch as none is provided during this camp.  Besides that, this event features simulated lacrosse gameplay to evaluate how participants assimilate into its training program.


Dartmouth Iron Pine Lacrosse Showcase


Dartmouth University’s lacrosse camp comprises of two sessions: Elite Camp Session I and Elite Camp Session II. Session I targets grads in the 2019 and 2020 held on June 26-28. Whereas Session II targets 2020 and 2021 grads taking place on July 22-24. The venue for the Iron Pine lacrosse camp is located at the Scully-Fahey Field Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH.


This year’s event has three special offers on participation charges: a New Year’s Registration Offer, the Early Bird Offer, and the Regular Offer. Prices are as follows $607, $632, and $660 inclusive of credit card processing fees respectively. In this lacrosse camp, players will participate in activities such as field training, competitive games as well as take part in a lacrosse recruiting seminar. At the Dartmouth lacrosse camp, players have the opportunity of showcasing skills to NCAA Division I, II, and III scouts, trainers, and coaches. Besides that, the camp helps players develop and enhance leadership skills.


Harvard Crimson Lax Showcase


Harvard’s Crimson Elite lacrosse summer camp will be held on the 7th of January. This showcase camp will be held at the university’s Bubble Stadium, Boston, MA between 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm. The camp is designed for lacrosse recruiting of girls in the 7 and 11 grades. Showcasing follows a round robin format with each team playing for an hour. Players are expected to have their kit with them as the university provides none.


Prices for participating in the Crimson Elite showcase amount to $540 inclusive of two nights boarding and meals. Applicants residing outside the university pay a total of $475 inclusive of lunch and dinner every day. However, the camp charges a nonrefundable fee of $200 as a registration fee. This showcase lasts for a period of three days. Crimson Elite invites applications from interested students for all lacrosse positions as well as goalkeepers. Besides, Harvard lacrosse recruiting showcase events are available during winter, summer, and fall.


University of Pennsylvania Quaker Lacrosse Camp


University of Pennsylvania’s Quaker Lacrosse Camp is an event created to help players improve their individual lacrosse skills sets. This year’s event will be held on June 25, June 26, and July 12. Applicants can opt to select between one or two to three days events depending on which skills they desire to improve on. Players will participate in training activities as well as match play under the guidance of the institution’s coaching staff. Quaker Lacrosse Camp targets high school students between the 9th and 12th grade, graduating in 2018-2021. Activities will be staged at the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Park, an all field turf.


Candidates attending this camp will engage in activities such as individual training sessions (shooting, dodging, 1v1 defensive training, and goalie play).  Besides that, matches will be played on a round-robin basis. Fees for attending this event are $250 for the day camps and $225 for the full camp (three days). Registration into these camps is limited to ensure a balance between campers and the coaching staff. Players are expected to tender their applications by end of day February 1.


Princeton Eye of the Tiger Showcase


Throughout the years Princeton University has been hosting various athletics events and showcases. Each year, it hosts a total of 70 showcases as well as camps attended by young athletes from all over the world. Given that, its premier event is known as the Eye of the Tiger Showcase. Typically, this is a one-day event that offers relevant experience to lacrosse players wishing to join this school. During the showcase, applicants are divided into two teams for competing in 2 games lasting fifty minutes each.


This event will be held on January 21, at Princeton’s Bubble Stadium. Players are expected to check in at 8:00 am with the clinic running from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Once accepted to participate, applicants enjoy excellent residential facilities in a conducive and relaxing environment. During the showcase, all activities are supervised by Princeton’s academic staff as well as its health director.


Besides Prospect Camp, Penn State also offers a goalie instruction camp and an instructional camp during the summer. This lacrosse showcases target players between grades 4 and 11. Charges for both camps are $575 for residents, $495 for commuters respectively.


Yale Bulldog Lacrosse Camp


Yale’s Bulldog Lacrosse camp provides aspiring players with the opportunity to showcase their lacrosse skills. During the event, applicants interact with Yale’s men and women coaching staff gaining invaluable insights and exposure in scrimmaging against vastly experienced opponents. This event takes place at the university’s Reese Stadium and is divided into two parts: positional instruction and actual gameplay. The camp accepts all types of entrants with limitation subject to age and grade level.


Upon registration, campers engage in activities designed to improve comprehension of fundamental attack, defense, midfield, and goaling techniques. Instruction is dispensed using both individual and group-based approaches. Accordingly, Yale’s lacrosse camp boasts of the finest multipurpose lacrosse field on the East Coast. Features found in the Reese Stadium include air conditioning, a field turf, protective netting, video scoreboard, and permanent seating arrangements.


Ivy League Application Process


Ivy League colleges utilize the Academic Index (AI) for evaluating a student’s overall performance before admission. The AI was developed with student-athletes in mind. It is composed of SAT I and SAT II scores and a student’s GPA ranking. Though AI is not used for all non-athlete admissions, colleges initially compute the AI for non-athlete students to ascertain the AI for student-athletes. The minimum AI for Ivy League colleges currently stands at 176. Typically, students with higher AI’s stand a better chance for admission. Therefore, a higher AI significantly helps in obtaining help from lacrosse coaches during the admissions process.



Ivy League Student Athlete Recruitment Process


Ivy League schools recruit athletes differently than other Division I schools. Though Ivy school’s does not offer athletic scholarships, they provide admissions and financial aid that benefits student-athletes.  The Ivy League recruitment process entails the tracking and scrutiny of an athlete’s academic records for admission to any of the eight institutions. This process stretches back to 25 years with over 40,000 prospective athletes vetted. To accomplish its goal, the League developed a measurement tool known as the Academic Index (AI). In this system, high school recruits are assigned a number between 179 and 140, as an average of their school’s academic performance. Institutions have access to index numbers of admitted players to protect against the recruitment of an under-qualified athlete.  A candidate’s academic achievements couples with personal strengths as well as athletic accomplishments are used as a basis for admission.  To satisfy their criterion, you should have attended a most rigorous academic training program while in high school.