Lacrosse Recruiting Showcases for for High School Athletes

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The arrival of summer offers the time-honored and beloved summer ritual of selecting a summer camp with infinite options. Consider test-driving the college of your dreams. Alternatively, are you looking for a smooth transition to college life? Do you have a specific study areas that need improvement? Are you looking for guidance on honing your artistic talent or a challenging subject? If you answer “Yes” to these questions, you need to capitalize on these showcase camp programs.

Camp # 1: Showtime Lacrosse National Recruiting Spotlight (Danbury, CT)


Similar to Nike Blue Chip, admission into this camp is by invitation only. The camp opens to players in June each year. It attracts top of the class players as well as having top-notch coaches from the NCAA Division 1. Showtime players go on to play NCAA D1, D2, and D3. If invited to this camp, you should expect stiff competition as well as gain plenty of Division 1 contact. During the showcase’s period, all players reside within the camp’s facilities. Also, there are excellent accommodation and dining amenities for players. Besides, the center accepts applications from both men and women.


Camp #2: Nike Blue Chip (Catonsville, MD)


One of the nation’s premier showcase summer camp. Nike’s Blue Chip camp is an invite-only lacrosse recruiting camp. This camp only features high caliber players to the attention of Division 1 lacrosse coaches. Though very expensive, it is worth the money. Highlighting lasts for a duration of three nights in June of every year. Nike’s Blue Chip summer camp has its facilities located at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Prices range from $550 to $675 for the entire program.

Camp #3: Top 205 (College Park, MD)


Though not as exclusive as Showtime or Blue Chip, players, however, are required to have a coach’s recommendation. Despite the camp being large, it lacks in personality as it holds showcases in front of coaches from all three divisions. Top 250 accepts ninth and twelfth-grade boys in its athletic program. The average cost of the summer program is $400 exclusive of food and board. Recruiting begins in June for a period of two days. Besides, this camp highlights players as individuals rather than teams. By doing so, it allows coaches see how versatile you are in coping with new teammates. Also, the coach gets to see how well a player adapts to different playing styles and systems.


Camp # 4: Peak 200 (Springfield, MA)

One of the oldest recruitment camps in America, Peak 200 has an excellent reputation in lacrosse recruiting. It boasts of a highly qualified team of professional lacrosse coaches from both Divisions I and II. Though it focuses more on competitive games and less on instruction; it is a camp for those with promising talent as it works hard to connect coaches and players. Peak 200 offers players, their families, and coaching staff tremendous support resources for placement at Division I, II and III. Here you benefit from access to high-quality facilities, a well-developed training program, quality athletes, highly diversified staff, and an advanced recruiting process.


Camp # 5: New England Top 150 (Portsmouth, RI)


One of the most prestigious lacrosse program across the nation. NE Top 150 perfectly

blends a large selection of D3 coaches and D1 schools. This three-day recruitment camp combines training as well as playtime. NE Top 150’s goal is to highlight a player’s lacrosse skills. It heavily focuses on the game’s fundamentals and teamwork. Its playing venue has five fields, dining halls, and dormitories nearby. Admission requires that players fill and present a registration form to the appropriate camp officials. NE Top 150 accepts applications between June and July each summer. Besides that, both men and women between grades 9 and 12 are eligible for enrollment.  It is the ideal lacrosse camp for experienced Brown lacrosse, Dartmouth lacrosse, and Cornell lacrosse players.


Camp # 6: Elite 180 Lacrosse Camp (Keene, NH)


A camp dedicated to the recruitment of women talent. This is the ideal camp for those looking for competitive study programs in Ivy League colleges. Registration opens in June though slots are limited. Elite 180 focuses on providing players with unique training and residency experiences, information regarding Division III showcasing and recruitment procedures and academic life in Div III institutions.


Camp # 7: Prep School Lacrosse Showcase (Greenwich, CT)

This summer camp is suitable for students aspiring to play in Division 1of the NCAA. It hosts a vast pool of talent and coaches. Prep School admits players in early June that limits its clientele to prep school kids. As such, it is an avenue for recruiting prep school students from the Northeast to the best summer programs in America. Prep School showcase event is held immediately on the first Sunday after Memorial Day. Over 723 college coaches attend the event.


What will you do?

  Beware that a majority of these camps host sessions for both boys and girls playres. Always remember that though showcases are essential in the college recruitment process, summer camps can be demanding and attending too many of them can be tiresome. Besides, it is impossible to impress recruitment coaches if you do not enjoy the game, so resolve only to attend a few camps, and you will have a most beautiful summer. Also, ensure that you have the right skill set to make the most impact on playing lacrosse throughout college.

If you are aspiring to play lacrosse at the college level, a showcase event is a great way of impressing coaches. Also, these activities let you assess an institution as well as its coaches. Besides, you get to play the game with different coaches and teammates, making you a better and flexible player. Though you might decide not to become a college athlete, summer camp is still a brilliant opportunity. You gain from creating new friends, partnerships, exercising, and learn more about the college you are interested. For this reason, you need to conduct some research about these camps before joining. Once you have identified a field, narrow down your choices to get the best fit for your unique needs, goals, and intentions